Hermes Steel Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Hermes Steel Enterprises

Hermes Steel Enterprises Pvt Ltd. was formed in 1979.  The promoter is from a family with experience in the steel industry since 1900, and has experience operating steel re-rolling mills, manufacturing concast billets, steel fasteners, steel cans, pails, and drums, hot dipped & electrolytic tinplate, and Steel Service Centres for flat rolled steel products.

The Family has been a leading importer and exporter of steel and minerals, supplying major consumers in the automobile, pipe making, can making and oil industries.

The Hermes Group also has experience in fabrication of semitrailers, dump trucks, dry bulk carriers, pneumatic conveying systems and silos, batch mixing plants and relating equipment for the construction industry.




Hermes Steel Enterprises Pvt Limited

13B Bakhtawar

Nariman Point

Mumbai 400021

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Phone:      +91 98198 19411


Hermes Steel leverages on this experience and the close relationships established with producers, to offer buyers expert services as a Liaison Agent representing the Buyers.

The Company works with buyers, providing detailed information, & prices from suppliers, negotiation of contracts including settling all commercial and technical details, settling terms of payment, checking Letters of Credit for accuracy and compliance, checking supplier’s Invoices and Mill Test Certificates, coordinating with international inspection agencies where requested, and also providing its own pre shipment visual inspection at the time cargo is ready for shipment.

As a consequence, both buyer and seller derive comfort.  This encourages the trading partners to establish a long lasting relationship.